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User Guide

How to Edit Key/Char Bindings

Characters difficult to distinguish

(from left) L, l, 1(num), I, i, |(vertical line), O, o, 0(num)

Font Sample


<= Unfamiliar to this symbol? Please edit bindings in "Edit Key Bindings [E]".

Miss Limit

You can set "Miss Limit" as you like (0 ~ 360, default:50).
If you missed more than this limit, the trial will be canceled.

What is CPS?

Characters Per Second. I know KPM (keys/m) or WPM (words/m) are more commonly used indices for typing speed, but in this game you must type SHIFT key too many times, so I think focusing on characters is more appropriate.


For registration, you need 50 misses or fewer !

This game and rankings (this website) are α version. There is some possibility that your data will be deleted in the future.

Contact Information

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